The Commercialization Accelerator is designed to fast-track your journey as a high-tech startup—wherever you may be on that journey. You can start at the beginning and work your way sequentially through the learning paths, from University Spinout to Executive Leadership, or you can pick and choose among the learning paths to find answers to your most burning questions.

The video classes offer the collective wisdom of MassVentures’ business experts, most of whom started their own businesses once upon a time. We know there is a lot to learn when you’re starting or scaling up a business and have created a tool to help you quickly find and fill the gaps in your know-how. We've started with the basics and will add deeper and deeper content at it goes along. Our target audience is first-time founders, but we imagine almost anyone can find something new to learn.

Once you get started, you can track your progress on the Dashboard. At the end of each Learning Path, please fill out the survey -- it will help us continue to evolve the Commercialization Accelerator’s content.

The Commercialization Accelerator is a project of MassVentures, the Commonwealth's strategic venture capital team. MassVentures finds, funds, and fosters early-stage deep tech that fuels economic growth across Massachusetts. Our mission is to support the innovation economy and economic growth initiatives of the Commonwealth by transferring research and early-stage innovations to viable business and jobs. For more information, please visit us at www.mass-ventures.com


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